As you probably know our neighbour, Ukraine is at war and we in Poland are doing our best to help. As we struggle with all the consequences of the pandemic you also may know from your countries, it’s getting harder and harder. And as our currency, złoty is not in its best condition, we raise our voices and hands to find support outside our homeland.

Foundation we run is called Makatka and this word in Polish means a type of woven tapestry, usually tiny, used to decorate walls. Yes, it is meaningful and I’ll be glad to explain but first I’ll give you a fact about our name which is crucial for the aim I’m reaching to you. The word we use to call mother in Polish is “matka” and in Makatka we have mother inside. We start from mothers and we concentrate on mothers because we believe that they are the core of happy families and therefore happy societies. We care for them to help them feel competent in their role and find their motherhood as strength.

In the current situation however we face mothers of Ukraine fleeing from their homes because of war and mothers of Poland doing their best to help. All of them are filled with difficult feelings: fear, anger, disappointment, confusion… All of them need support and this is what we do by organising online groups, caring for their wellbeing and health, especially in the vulnerable time of pregnancy and postpartum.

The current crisis will not end in days, not in weeks, probably even not in months and the consequences of Ukraine being attacked would affect us for years to come. For all this future time we need your support. 

Who are we?

We are doulas. That’s why we always concentrate on this absolutely miraculous time of carrying a baby under a heart, delivering them to the world and birthing a woman to be a mother. We care for all mothers that come to us, but those whose journey in this role just begins have always a special place in our hearts and resources.

My name is Marzena. I’m a mother to three, doula, non-medic lactation consultant,  vice-chairman of Makatka Foundation. 
I believe we can change the world by changing the manner we treat the birth and mothers. I trust nature and respect the knowledge of medicine based practice. I love and practice the idea of women empowering each other.

Last year I came up with an idea to organise birthing centres where you can come when at the beginning of your term and stay there until you the time after birth you feel fine to live the place. You can take your partner, your children, sister(s) if you wish, mother if you wish – anyone can be there for you and the baby about to born. And also  the birth professionals are somewhere near in case you need them.

And one day Asiya came describing such a project to go live soon.

While nobody would want to leave their country with greatest haste, escaping from under bombs, most – if not all – of us would care a lot to choose the best possible environment to peacefully give birth. We cannot stop bombs unfortunately but we can arrange a place filled with love and support and this is what we aim for. But this is also what we need your help with!

At the very moment we run a Mother and Child Club in Kraków, where we create a save and cosy place to meet, share experience and empower each other. This Club also need financial support as our subsidy has been cut. This could be a place of wonderful care for all mothers of Ukraine looking for a space to feel relieved and peaceful! We have been organising crochet workshops there and hope to do it again for those who would find  calmness in craft. We would be so happy to play music there with our children again! We would drink tea, eat cake and exchange recipes! 

Our Mother and Child Club in Kraków

If you feel like getting to know our mission and actions better, feel free to contact us! There’s a lot we do and lot we would like to do. So far we run online groups on Facebook which are true supportive and toy rental. Because we care not only for the mothers but Mother Earth as well!

Thank your for getting to know our cause. Please, be the part of our struggle to change the world by supporting our mission!

Here you can find our bank account numbers for various currencies:

USD: PL 07 1140 2004 0000 3812 1519 3535 
EUR: PL 47 1140 2004 0000 3112 1519 3546

Together we can build a better future, I’m sure!