Catechesis starts at home. If you are looking for help, thanks to your child you will not only remember but also understand the Lord’s Prayer – you’ve come to the right place.

Taking inspiration from how Maria Montessori advised to show the world to a child, we combined each part of the prayer with a picture that helps to remember as well as understand the words. It can also trigger questions and help our little ones to get to know the mysteries of faith. 

Our cards and books are also supposed to be beautiful. We believe that aesthetics is important in everyday life, in upbringing, and that sacred art should aspire to the highest beauty. We do not agree with the mediocrity and kitsch present in many religious publications for children.

You will receive the digital version of the booklet immediately. It is designed to be printed as a booklet or as cards. The latter can be used in various ways: for browsing, displaying, arranging in the right order. And by two copies, you’ll get a memo game!


We are mothers, we are doulas. We care for our families but also for our communities, our villages – the ones we create in Makatka.
We have a rough time behind our backs and we’re doing our best to overcome it. The roughness came with financial instability and because of this we ask you to help us simply by buying this little booklet. We’d be more than happy if you decide to donate something more! 


Foundation we run is called Makatka and this word in Polish means a type of woven tapestry, usually tiny, used to decorate walls. Yes, it is meaningful and I’ll be glad to explain but first I’ll give you a fact about our name which is crucial for the aim I’m reaching to you. The word we use to call mother in Polish is “matka” and in Makatka we have mother inside. We start from mothers and we concentrate on mothers because we believe that they are the core of happy families and therefore happy societies. We care for them to help them feel competent in their role and find their motherhood as strength.

We care for mothers. But caring for mothers means also giving them resources to care for their children and most of all to help them rise kids, teaching values they as parents recognize as substantial for themselves. Therefore, in addition to running support groups and providing help from specialists, we want to offer specific, simple solutions that can make parenting easier. This booklet is one of them. You can buy it as a gift for someone, treat it as a brick for the development of the Foundation. Or simply – support us with a donation.

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